PAF – an invisible academy

I wrote my last post from my room (above) in PAF – Performing Arts Forum, located in the village S:t Erme north east of Paris. It’s a self-organised space in an ex-monastry for people into performance and art.

I just finnished reading The Name of the Rose that is set in a monastry, which creates a kind of strange fictional backdrop for my mind – allthough I don’t think my stay here will turn into semiotic-philosophic murder-mystery. Anyways PAF is based on very simple principles:

  • Don’t leave traces
  • Make it possible for others
  • The do-er decides
  • (Think them interrelated)

I’ve only spent a night and a day here so far but it’s extremely inspiring. It is open the whole year and there are amazing spaces to do things. As far as I understand it’s financed a little bit like a hostel. You pay 14 euro per night for a bedroom and access to all the spaces. In the entrance there is a schedule where you can propose activities for the coming days.

Tomorrow the philosopher Nina Power, who wrote One Dimensional Woman, will start a seminar. (Introduction in Swedish at Popvänster)

The place also reminds me of the idea of an Invisble Academy, present in Grant Morrisons epic anarcho-occultist comic adventure The Invisibles, which I unforteantley couldn’t find any image of.