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  • MOBILIZED: An essay pretending to be a game

    MOBILIZED: An essay pretending to be a game

    Mobilized is a participatory performance exploring the power and potential of the smart phone. Rather than asking you to turn it off when entering the theatre, we ask you to keep it ready for use. Your phone will be the portal that takes you and other audience members into the constructed reality of the piece.…

  • Datenight på domens dag (Kulturnatten, Kulturhuset)

    Datenight på domens dag (Kulturnatten, Kulturhuset)

    På Kulturnatten, 22 april, 2023 blir det ny-designad, ny-kodad speeddate på Kulturhuset i Stockholm Kom med på en infernalisk speed-date och lär känna nya vänner, älskare och småjävlar. Din mobil (detta djävulens påfund) kommer att leda dig och de andra förtappade själarna på plats genom en serie rykande möten och situationer. Speed-daten är skapad och…

  • Teaching Processing at BTH

    Teaching Processing at BTH

    I’ve spent 3 weeks at Blekinge institute of technology, teaching coding to Digital Image students. I’ve been using Processing, which was designed by MIT to make interactive graphics, animations, and multimedia projects. One advantage of using Processing to teach coding is its simplicity. Processing is built on the Java programming language, but it has a…

  • Prototyping for movement with mobile phones

    Prototyping for movement with mobile phones

    I’ve been spending a week with dancer and artist Nea Landin at a residency initiated by Danscentrum in a new studio in Stockholm called Söderkupolen. We met in a coding course at Konstfack and have similar interests in instruction based performances. In the residency we started working with real-time multi-user web technologies. Instructions are distributed…

  • Coded poetry at Twisted shout #1, Fylkingen

    Coded poetry at Twisted shout #1, Fylkingen

    I will show my 9-page hell poem the void is positively charged at Twisted shout text-sound-festival at Fylkingen. The list of live acts is juicy: * Gå på stället vocal duo* Casey Moir vocal* Beatboxer Mathias Yilbar* WOL performance duo* Performance/talk by Ilmar Laaban expert Jan Malin from Tallin* Pyspunka – performance piece by Teddy…

  • Ekstasis in progress

    Ekstasis in progress

    Me, Ebba and Elize from Nyxxx is working with Leo from Pusselbit games to produce a 4-player synchronized app scenario under the title Ekstasis. It is written for four friends and can be played/performed at home with standard mobile phones and head phones. This time we decided to do the voice work ourselves so we…

  • Programming the Cyborg Tarot

    Programming the Cyborg Tarot

    Learning basic javascript i decided to make an online version of Nyxxx tarot deck, originally designed for our work Tactical meditations. Try it out!