Month: April 2009

  • Memories of Kokoro

    Earlier published in The Swedish Dance History, 2009 We met up at the small shared space in Bagarmossen south of Stockholm. She made soup for us while someone took care of the kid. People started drop in. We shared the meal and boiled water for tea. The dog was loose. The discussions were sometimes heated.…

  • Dance to another song – widing@möte09

    Dance to another song – widing@möte09 from Widing on Vimeo. This is the möte09 dance, and this is how you do it: Dance! Add another song in the video editing Include these instructions when you post/send it on Celebrate! Music by Pink Floyd, “Remember a Day”, 1968

  • Abaxial Audience Experience

    I watch dance on a stage I sit there quiet Ten minutes pass I feel my back lean towards a soft surface My feet turn warm Twenty minutes has passed I discretely put my shoes off My pelvis and ischium sink down in the seat Thirty minutes since I arrived I put my shoes on…