Memories of Kokoro

Earlier published in The Swedish Dance History, 2009

We met up at the small shared space in Bagarmossen south of Stockholm. She made soup for us while someone took care of the kid. People started drop in. We shared the meal and boiled water for tea.

The dog was loose. The discussions were sometimes heated. Someone started playing piano in The Other Room. Black tea was on the table. The kid was asleep.

The Other Room was covered with mattresses found in a container one year earlier. We sneaked into the dark room one bye one. The movement had already started.

Evening turned night as the bodies moved in contact improvisation. There was a crash-cymbal and a hi-hat hanging from the ceiling. There was a distorted guitar. The actions intensified.

[ … ]

We collapsed in the corners of the room.

Half a year later the space was evicted due to complaints from the neighbours.



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