An infinite scenario

I put together a short experimental scenario for my workshop at this year’s annual nordic larp (live role-playing) conference Knutepunkt, which I’m happy to share. It’s easy to brief and could probably be played in 15 minutes.

Rules / tips

  • Each participant get a set of 9 cards (One sheet makes one character, and yes they are ordered).
  • Every card state a line to be read out loud or a simple action to be performed.
  • When one is through the 9 cards, one starts over.
  • There is no hurry. Listen and try to be aware of the space.
  • The scenario should preferably be played in a big open space, blackbox or similar.
  • I there are more than 14 players you can just double the characters. If there are less than 5 you can take 18 cards each.

Downloadable characters (and cut it in 9 separate cards/sheet)

Post-dramatic role-playing?

The idea is to put emphasis on composition, space and timing in the improvisation, rather than coming up with smart things to say. Role-playing tends to be very facial-verbal. This set-up promotes other qualities. The role-playing community is by now pretty sophisticated in narrative methodology so I think it’s time to start experimenting a bit more with post-dramatic scenarios.

Maurice Blanchot (1907–2003)

Some of the lines in this scenario is stolen or rewritten phrases from french emo-author Blanchot’s sort-of-kind-of-novel The Infinite Conversation. I also put a key line from The Coming Insurrection.


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  1. Oliver Nøglebæk Avatar

    This seems very interesting, I’ll have to try it out next time I have a blackbox full of larpers. Wish I could have been at KP to share my experiences making post-dramatic(?) blackbox larp with you.

  2. […] Ambitionen här är ju i första hand att formulera mig kring olika konstnärliga och spelorienterade praktiker som jag sysslar med. Vikten av att reflektera över handlandet och dokumentera olika faser i den skapande processen känns lika viktigt som någonsin förut. Jag hoppas att idéerna och erfarenheterna som kraffsas ner här kan komma till nytta för andra som är intresserade av deltagarkultur. Senast jag fick bekräftelse på det var när konstnären Hamish MacPherson hörde av sig för att han baserat ett verk skapat för brittiska parlamentet på dokumentationen av experimentet An Infinite Scenario. […]

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