The Unquiet Veil at A thinking practice

A Thinking Practice is a practice based symposium addressing collective learning processes in relation to listening, asymmetries, filth, not-knowing and desire. We long for a space to think, feel, organize and practice with others. A space where we, despite knowing that we won’t find any simple solutions, engage with each other in an unknown future.

The symposium is initiated from an interest in working collectively, from the perspective of the fields of choreography and urban planning. We believe that in times of urgencies, in moments of doubt, in seconds of fear, we must gather and think. And thinking does not mean big Thought, but a practice which involves every nerve and every relation. A thinking that involves paying attention to that which is already there in order to imagine what could be. We notice each other because we are at stake to each other.

The focus of the symposium is to practically investigate forms of thinking. We believe that all thoughts are thought from somewhere – in relation to a practice and to thoughts previously thought. We therefore see that how we think is crucial for what we think. Through which practices can we attune ourselves to listen for that which we do not already know? What practices of attention help us to be available for others, for the not-understandable, for the opaque? And how can we encourage each other to think, in all its multitude of practices, in order to create collective change?

PRESENTING AT THE SYMPOSIUM Eduardo Abrantes, Juli Apponen, Eleanor Bauer, Áron Birtalan, Åsa Bjerndell, Amy Boulton, Oda Brekke, Xiyao Chen, Sebastian Dahlqvist, Rosa Danenberg, Laressa Dickey, Disorder, Darya Efrat, Anna Enström, Benj Gerdes, Tiril Hasselknippe, Sara Kaaman, Elke Krasny, Carmen Lael Hines, Ying-Tzu Lin, Pedram Nasouri, Chrysa Parkinson, Kibandu Pello-Esso, Sophia Persson, Pontus Pettersson, Tuija Roberntz, Tove Salmgren, Alexis Steeves, Ellen Söderhult, Cara Tolmie, Ana Vujanovic, Gabriel Widing, Andros Zins-Browne, Jenny Övergaard

PRACTICAL INFORMATION The symposium takes place at Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus at 10-17 on the 10-11th of June. Detailed program will be announced shortly. Participation is free and a detailed program will soon be presented. Register at:

THE UNQUIET VEIL – A Living Person’s Guide to Death Magick in Four Unfinished Songs

I will co-host this scenario with its maker Áron Birtalan.

The Unquiet Veil is a low-key role-playing experience / fictional workshop where players are guided through playful and mystical activities in which they develop their own practice of ‘everyday death magick’, make a pact with an imaginary entity, and create a spellbook that they take with themselves after the event.

The experience brings together pretend-play magick, electronic music, office protocols and playful more-than-human imagination. It also features a synthesizer that casts spells, a band of singing undertakers and lots of metaphysical bureaucracy.

Workshop at Portal 10 LARP Conference

The 10th Portal celebrates diversity and invites all larpers from North, East, South, West, to share their approaches, styles, cultures, and cardinal directions of larping. We don’t strive to be a compass that shows the right direction but a wind rose that showcases all the directions at the same time. There are no rights or wrongs in larping – only aspects we enjoy more or less and already know, and aspects that are a mystery.

I will give a workshop at this conference together with Thom Kiraly under the title:

Prototypes for post-dramatic roleplaying

Improvisation is hard. Roleplaying is even harder. Thresholds are high. In this workshop we will propose a couple of scenarios that gives participants less preparation and possibly more freedom to enjoy the situation. One scenario is based on cards, another one is based on mobile phone web technologies. We will test these prototypes and talk about how they could be developed. We are looking for formats and scenarios that could be proposed to an audience rather than a dedicated subculture of larpers. We move along a path located somewhere between larp, play and performance art.

Gabriel Widing, is a writer and theatre director with a long background in Nordic larp. He is based in Stockholm and member of performing arts collective Nyxxx.

Thom Kiraly, is a poet and a teacher in game design, based in Malmö. He has a special interest in play and social games.

Where and When

24-26 June 2022 | Cracow, Poland

Panel om interaktivitet och scenkonst på BIBU 2022


Techformance möjliggör interaktiv scenkonst där element från nätkulturer och spelvärlden möter teater. Tillsammans med barn, scenkonstbranschen, speldesigners, teaterpedagoger och tillgänglighetsexperter utmanas scenkonsten och tekniken för att skapa Techformance. På BiBU erbjuds du att uppleva en Techformance-demo där verktygen prövas. Därefter leder Jenny Aschenbrenner panelsamtal tillsammans med viktiga aktörer inom scenkonstbranschen och utforskare av digitala möjligheter att utveckla berättarkonsten.

  • Fredag 20 maj 11:00 – 12:00 Biograf Röda kvarn, Biosalong 2



Jenny Aschenbrenner (moderator) – Jenny är kulturredaktör på Dagens ETC och har varit verksam som kulturjournalist, moderator och kritiker för bland andra Sveriges Radio, SVT, SvD och Aftonbladet Kultur.

Gabriel Widing – Gabriel skriver och regisserar scenkonst där publiken blir deltagare. Hans senaste verk Ekstasis är ett hörlursbaserat scenario för mobiltelefoner, skapat tillsammans med scenkonstkollektivet Nyxxx.

Josephine Rydberg – Josephine arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare för crossmedia vid Kultur Gävleborg och som doktorand på Stockholms konstnärliga högskola. Inom ramen för  forskningsprojektet ”Dramaturgi för deltagande praktiker” gör hon experiment med lajv i VR.

Sandra Grehn – Sandra är scenkonstforskare, föreläsare, moderator och teaterkritiker med stort intresse för att utveckla professionell scenkonst för barn och unga. Sedan många år har hon på olika sätt arbetat med analys av scenkonstnärliga uttryck, normkritiskt tänkande och frågor som rör barns rättigheter.

Stefan Stanisc – Stefan är en av de konstnärliga ledarna för Bombina Bombast.

Erik Rosales – Erik är konstnärlig innovationsledare för digitalt skapande på Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

Sara Cronberg – Sara är sedan 2016 konstnärlig ledare för Unga Malmö Stadsteater. Hon är utbildad teaterregissör vid Statens Teaterskole i Köpenhamn och utexaminerades 1998.

Prototyping for movement with mobile phones


I’ve been spending a week with dancer and artist Nea Landin at a residency initiated by Danscentrum in a new studio in Stockholm called Söderkupolen. We met in a coding course at Konstfack and have similar interests in instruction based performances. In the residency we started working with real-time multi-user web technologies. Instructions are distributed through the participants mobile phones. These ideas have a lot of potential and I think we are only in the very beginning of something very exciting. Even if the instructions are simple they can mobilise big audience numbers in collective action.

Prototype screenshots

We drew some inspiration from a really nice article (in Swedish, in Hjärnstorm) by Rasmus Fleischer, outlining some anthropological insights from Keeping Together in Time: Dance and Drill in Human History written by William H. McNeill.

Some snippets from McNeill:

Moving briskly and keeping in time was enough to make us feel good about ourselves, satisfied to be moving together, and vaguely pleased with the world at large.

“Boundary loss” is the individual and “feeling they are one” is the collective way of looking at the same thing: a blurring of self-awareness and the heightening of fellow-feeling with all who share in the dance.

Co-hosting The Unquiet Veil

This week I’ve been working with Áron Birtalan in a part of their PhD project Your Bones Hold the Shape of What’s to Come. The piece is titled The Unquiet Veil – A Living Person’s Guide to Death Magick in Four Unfinished Songs. As iwth many participatory proposals it’s somewhere between a workshop and a scenario and we are guiding the participants through different aesthetically informed activities.

The Unquiet Veil is a low-key role-playing experience / fictional workshop where players are guided through playful and mystical activities in which they develop their own practice of ‘everyday death magick’, make a pact with an imaginary entity, and create a spellbook that they take with themselves after the event.

The experience brings together pretend-play magick, electronic music, office protocols and playful more-than-human imagination. It also features a synthesizer that casts spells, a band of singing undertakers and lots of metaphysical bureaucracy.

The piece is available for touring. More info here.

Coded poetry at Twisted shout #1, Fylkingen

Twisted Shout Poster

I will show my 9-page hell poem the void is positively charged at Twisted shout text-sound-festival at Fylkingen. The list of live acts is juicy:

* Gå på stället vocal duo
* Casey Moir vocal
* Beatboxer Mathias Yilbar
* WOL performance duo
* Performance/talk by Ilmar Laaban expert Jan Malin from Tallin
* Pyspunka – performance piece by Teddy Hultberg

You are very welcome!

Ladda ner Ekstasis till mobilen!

Nyxxx nya scenario Ekstasis är släppt för iOS och Android.

För att spela Ekstasis behövs

  • Fyra deltagare.
  • Ett avskilt rum, till exempel ett rymligt kök eller ett vanligt vardagsrum.
  • Ett bord med fyra sittplatser.
  • Hörlurar kopplade till era mobiler. De får gärna släppa igenom rumsljud. 

Du kan även söka upp appen på respektive app-butik. Den är gratis.

Ekstasis – app-premiär 3 december!


Fyra vänner möts i samma rum och tar på sig hörlurar. Appen drar in deltagarna i ett scenario om längtan efter närvaro, vänskap och förändring.

Ekstasis presenterar en situation där du som deltagare med trygga ramar får utforska hur olika krafter tar kontrollen över dig och dina vänner. Ni ger upp ert handlingsinitiativ men får en upplevelse av en annan sorts frihet. Som deltagare följer du manus, ett manus som bara du känner till. Ni lyssnar och rör er tillsammans, men också i varsin egen bubbla. I glipan mellan manuset och det egna utförandet ges deltagarna möjlighet att reflektera över sina egna rörelser, tankar och känslor – ett sätt att se sig själv utifrån.

Verket görs för att upplevas med hörlurar på, av fyra personer i hemmiljö, när som helst, och distribueras genom en app.

Ekstasis är resultatet av ett samarbete mellan scenkonstkollektivet Nyxxx och speluvecklarna Pusselbit Games. Medverkande konstnärer: Ebba Petrén, Elize Arvefjord, Gabriel Widing och Leo Låby. Upplevelsen skapas med stöd av Kulturrådet och Region Gävleborg.

PREMIÄR 3 december

  • Release av appen på Apples App Store för iPhone och på Google Play för Android-telefoner.
  • Fysisk release av appen Sionsborg, Buntvägen 1 i Ljusne kl 18
  • Digitalt eftersnack för de som spelat på premiären, kl 20.

Mer info på Nyxxx

Ekstasis in progress

Ekstasis Icon

Me, Ebba and Elize from Nyxxx is working with Leo from Pusselbit games to produce a 4-player synchronized app scenario under the title Ekstasis. It is written for four friends and can be played/performed at home with standard mobile phones and head phones.

This time we decided to do the voice work ourselves so we have been in Bagisstudion making recordings including instructions, dialogue and a demon.

Recording in studio

The script was written over the summer by me and Ebba. It is revolves around a feeling of loosing control. This feeling is manifested by an inner demonic voice possessing the roles of the scenario one by one.

Here is a prototype, made in Unity, with a Firebase connection to interconnect the players:

The players can make a few choices that forks the story. Will you resist or let go?

Find out on December 3rd when the app is released on iOS’ App store and Android’s Google Play.

The project is funded by Kulturrådet & Region Gävleborg

Artes Participativas


A Portuguese/Brazilian translation of Deltagarkultur has dropped in the shape of Artes Participativas.

Thank you Tadeu Rodrigues Iuama for translating it and to Luiz Falcão for a proper re-enactment of the original shape and form. It is published by NpLarp and Editora Provocare. The book was written 2008 by Kristoffer Haggren, Elge Larsson and Andrea Nordwall.

Read more about it and get the digital version