Om Brecht, avatarer, partilinjen, mm

Bertold Brecht med kompositören Hanns Eisler, 1950.

Bertold Brecht med kompositören Hanns Eisler, 1950.

För en tid sedan skrev jag och Ebba Petrén en text om vår process med att bearbeta ett av Brecht lärostycken till någon sorts avatarsituation. Nyligen var vi i Brasilien och testade materialet med diverse Brecht-kännare, akademiker såväl som regissörer och skådespelare. Det peppade oss att publicera texten. Antagligen kommer ännu mer reflektioner och dokumentation med tiden. Skriver en rapport till Konstnärsnämden från besöket på INTERNATIONAL BRECHT SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM.

Tills vidare, håll till godo med Brechts Die Maßnahme som avatarstycke på Nyxxx.

Avatar vs Human – a short avatar scenario to play at home or elsewhere

avatar-vs-humanI’m happy to share this short scenario with you. It was written by me and Ebba Petrén at PAF last summer. You can play it with two people or in front of a smaller audience. The participants should not listen to the track on beforehand.

You need

• 2 voluntary participants.
• A pair of headphones with the Mp3-file.
• A table
• 2 chairs
• 2 windows that can be opened, it’s nice but not necessary if there is a view.

Take it off

To begin, one of the two players starts the mp3-track and put the headphones on. The other player start by observing the avatar. Both players starts standing up. When you put on the headphones you are the avatar, follow the instructions and take no other initiatives. When you don’t wear headphones you try to communicate with the avatar by responding to it as if you are having a chat with that person for the first time.


The avatar asks something demanding, something the human finds hard and personal to answer. The avatar says “You will have the opporutnity to be an avatar. And I will become human. When I raise my hand you can take my headphones and become the avatar”. It raises the hand. The new avatar comes out, “the avatar of a human spirit”, and opens a window saluting the fresh air. Next avatar is “the avatar of the real” trying to jump out of the window. Human has to stop it. More avatars follow, with other agendas.

Some feedback

“It’s like having a child or a pet in your room when you’re trying to work. You have to take notice and care for it. And it will for sure use its voice to communicate!”


We’ve presented this scenario at PAF Performing arts forum in St Erme, 2012, at the 14th Symposium of the International Brecht Society in Porto Alegre, 2013 and at Scenkonstbiennalen in Jönköping, 2013. We are looking forward to hear where it will be played next and how you experience it!


Video from a session at a room in Master Express Grande Hotel, Porto Alegre, May 2013. On screen: Ester Claesson and John Hanse. Spoiler warning!

The Avatar-Lehrstücke Workshop

Med stöd från Konstnärsnämnden åker jag i maj till INTERNACIONAL BRECHT SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM – PORTO ALEGRE 2013 för att göra en avatarworkshop baserad på Brecht Åtgärden. Det känns grymt spännande!

The Decision / Brecht

The Decision / Brecht

The Avatar-Lehrstücke Workshop

Last summer we did an avatar performance based on Brecht’s Die Maßnahme. This approach means that the spectator/spect-actor receives instructions through a headset and based on this they execute the instructions given in the headphones. Our approach is to put the spectator in the role of the performer. The spectator will not become an “artist”. Instead the role of the spectator is that of the doer. The spectator performs actions, he quotes with body and speech from the instructions he recieves. We would like to produce a workshop based on this performance because it connects to Brechts initial idea about the lehrstücke – that it rather should be performed than received passively.

No verão passado fizemos um desempenho avatar com base em Maßnahme Die, de Brecht.

Esta abordagem significa que o espectador / espect-ator recebe instruções através de um fone de ouvido e com base nisso, executa as instruções dadas por esse meio. Nossa abordagem é colocar o espectador no papel do intérprete. O espectador não vai se tornar um “artista”. Em vez disso o papel do espectador é o do agente. O espectador realiza ações, ele cita com corpo e linguagem a partir das instruções que recebe. Nós gostaríamos de produzir um workshop com base neste desempenho, porque ele se conecta a idéia inicial de Brecht sobre as peças didáticas.  Que devem, sim, ser realizadas e não recebidas passivamente.

Ebba Petrén, John Hanse, Ester Claesson, Gabriel Widing



4 horas/4 hours

22 de maio – 14 horas/ May22 – Two PM

Os participantes devem poder falar e entender ingles

The participants must be able to speak and understand english.