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  • Teaching Processing at BTH

    Teaching Processing at BTH

    I’ve spent 3 weeks at Blekinge institute of technology, teaching coding to Digital Image students. I’ve been using Processing, which was designed by MIT to make interactive graphics, animations, and multimedia projects. One advantage of using Processing to teach coding is its simplicity. Processing is built on the Java programming language, but it has a…

  • Coded poetry at Twisted shout #1, Fylkingen

    Coded poetry at Twisted shout #1, Fylkingen

    I will show my 9-page hell poem the void is positively charged at Twisted shout text-sound-festival at Fylkingen. The list of live acts is juicy: * Gå på stället vocal duo* Casey Moir vocal* Beatboxer Mathias Yilbar* WOL performance duo* Performance/talk by Ilmar Laaban expert Jan Malin from Tallin* Pyspunka – performance piece by Teddy…

  • the void is positively charged

    the void is positively charged

    Developing my interest in programming, I created these Python coded 666-line hell poems under the title “The void is positively charged”. The text is distributed over the page with Processing-code. It’s a series of I-IX where every print has its own randomly generated version of the text.