Clay play in 3D with Sculptris

I recently found Sculptris, a simple software for 3D-modeling. Here are my first tries with it. I’m impressed by how simple and user friendly it is to get going with it and since I started to use it, last week I noticed my view of objects and shapes has changed. Since proportion is the key to understanding anything as human, and I’m not good with that yet, it is obvious that everything I do tends towards the monstrous.

The first version of the image is from the 3d-software, and the second one is simple post-production in 2D.

A small stylized deamon on a flight.

A hand chopped off!

A flying melancholic pig.

Some kind of robot doll.

I will probably get back to this and show you more when I get some real skillz. What kind of fantasy creatures would you like to see manifested?






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