Anthology on nordic live role-playing: Playing Reality

I did the cover and the section page design for this book and contributed with an article as well. The painting is A peasant dance by P.P. Rubens 1638.

Playing Reality is an anthology of articles on live role-playing, a new art form where the Nordic countries are at the front edge. It’s edited by Elge Larsson and published by Interacting Arts. This book covers a wide range of topics and genres, from practical advice, historical reviews and visions of possible futures to semiotic and philosophical analysis. They show some of the diversity of participatory arts, and will thus be of interest for anyone in the fields of art, education or performance. It wouldn’t be misleading to claim that live role-playing has realized the dream of the Gesamtkunstwerk – at last!

Playing Reality is published for Knutpunkt, the Nordic conference on live role-playing which alternates between the Nordic countries. In 2010 it’s held in Sweden.

Download the digital edition now! (Print release this weekend!)

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